Donator Access

Hi! I'm Luke Charters. I am receiving about 20 to 50 messages a day about the Garden and DRIP in general, supporting investors like you.

This has become a bit time consuming, plus I am planning to invest in improving these tools to help this great community. More to come!

Therefore, I've decided to only give access to donors. But don't worry! Both current and upcoming users can still use it for 5 days.

How to get access

A ONE TIME donation to improve the tools! And make the developer happy!

Transfer 5$ or more in value equivalent to one of those tokens through Binance Smart Chain to my wallet address below.

Choose from :
0.022 BNB
110 DRIP

To :

Your support is much appreciated!

How to transfer

Verify your access

Make sure you sent your donation with the same wallet address you are using in the app.

Your wallet

Click here to check your transfer status

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